EMCRC DELTA Class of 23-2021

TACLOBAN CITY, LEYTE – A new batch of Tiger Riders under the instruction of the Highway Patrol Unit 8 graduated from the Executive Motorcycle Riding Course (EMCRC) during the Closing Ceremony on October 26, 2021 at PRO 8 Matapat Hall, Palo Leyte. A total of 62 participants graduated comprised of 26 Police Commissioned Officers, 1 Police Non-Commissioned Officer, 1 Armed Forces of the Philippines personnel, and 34 civilians from various government agencies and private sectors.

The EMCRC originated from the Motorcycle Riding Course established as early as 1958 by the Philippine Constabulary, solely open to uniformed PNP personnel. In 2000, the EMCRC was opened to interested civilians, spearheaded by the Highway Patrol Group.

The EMCRC is a 16-day rigorous training focusing on safety protocols and techniques to equip participants with the proficiency to operate motorcycles, specifically big bikes or bikes with engine power output of 400cc and higher.

The Course aims to “develop safe riding skills such as evading traffic hazards on the roadway and skills development on dangerous situations, developing proper posture, accelerator control and calculation; developing flexibility of the waist, correct circulation on stiff situation, riding and passing safely between columns of motor vehicles in motion along the road, overcoming unexpected obstacles/eventualities, and familiarization in the use of motorcycle in the highways”.1

The unique feature of the EMCRC is its focus on the use of the hips and lower body in motorcycle maneuvering as opposed to the arms, the latter being the common practice by riders of small motorcycles.

PLt. Pepito Jiminez Tabios, the Senior Master Tiger instructor, disclosed in an interview that the correction of bad riding habits of the participants was among the challenges he faced during the Course. He added that all motorists, regardless of experience, should consider four crucial things when riding on public roads: the self-awareness of the rider, the condition of the motorcycle, the road and weather conditions, and lastly, the presence of other motorists.

Seventeen (17) participants of the EMCRC Delta Class received the following Special Awards:

Leadership Award/Overall Class Marcher : PBGen Roade P. Tombaga
Leadership Award/Class President Alpha : Dir Lord Byron P. Torrecarion
Leadership Award/Class President Bravo : Col. Lenart R. Lelina


PNP Most Improved Rider       : PCol. Salvador T. Alacyang
Most Improved Rider (Civilian) : Atty. Johnson Reyes
PNP Best Rider                        : PLtCol. Wilmer Dadia
PNP Best Jumper                    : PLtCol. Dinvir Revita
Best Rider (Civilian)                 : Napoleon O. Consebido Jr.
Best Jumper (Civilian)             : Dir. Lord Byron P. Torrecarion
Best Female Rider (Civilian)    : Hannah Louise R. De Guzman
Best Female Jumper (Civilian) : Yvonne M. Lozano


PNP Most Improved Rider       : PMaj. Rey B. Cabelin
Most Improved Rider (Civilian) : Arthur Y. Gelera
PNP Best Rider                        : PMaj Ruel L. Burlat
PNP Best Jumper                    : PMaj Rommel S. Cacayan
Best Rider (Civilian)                  : Raymundo A. Abertas
Best Jumper (Civilian)              : Emmanuel S. Prodigo


Cover Photos by Francis Cadavis