Who may complain?

Under existing laws and regulations, the following may file a complaint against a police officer:

  1. The National Police Commission on its own initiative
  2. A natural or juridical person or his/its duly authorized representative or guardian, or
  3. Any other government office or institution

Against whom should a complaint be filed?

All administrative complaints before the NAPOLCOM should be filed against a uniformed member of the PNP for any form of police anomaly or irregularity.

How do I file a complaint?

A formal complaint needs to be filed in a specific format. You may use the downloadable form below and follow these steps:

  1. Download this complaint form
  2. Print and fill out
  3. Have it notarized
  4. Attach other supporting evidence, if any
  5. Submit to NAPOLCOM Office either:
    a. in person;
    b. via courier service; or
    c. scan and send via email at

Process matrix

Want to know more about this service? Download the full process matrix here.