Who may appeal?

Under NAPOLCOM Memorandum, the party adversely affected of the decisions or resolutions of the following disciplinary authorities may file an appeal before the Regional Appellate Board (RAB):

  1. PNP Regional Directors; and
  2. People’s Law Enforcement Board of cities and municipalities where the penalty imposed is demotion or dismissal from the service.

A private complainant however cannot appeal the decision rendered in an administrative case as enunciated in the case of Civil Service Commission vs. Dacoycoy [306 SCRA 425 (1999)].

How do I file an appeal?

An appeal shall be taken by filing a Notice of Appeal with the office that rendered the decision or resolution, copy furnished the other party, within ten (10) days from receipt of a copy of the decision.

The Notice of Appeal shall be filed in three (3) legible copies which shall contain the following:

  1. The material dates showing that it was filed on time
  2. The assignment of the specific errors of fact or law, or both, allegedly committed by the disciplinary authority;
  3. The specific appellate body to which the appeal is being taken; and
  4. The complete mailing address and contact information of the appellant or counsel

The appellant shall submit a Memorandum on Appeal in three (3) legible copies simultaneous with the Notice of Appeal or not later than fifteen (15) days from the filing of the notice of appeal, copy furnished the other party.

The appellant shall pay the prescribed appeal fee and the proof of such payment shall be attached to the Notice of Appeal.

How much is the appeal fee?

The appellant shall pay the appeal fee of Three Hundred Pesos (P300.000).

Can I withdraw my appeal?

The appellant can withdraw his/her appeal as a matter of right at any time before the appellate body renders its decision resolving the same which shall consequently render the appealed decision final and executory. No motion to reinstate the appeal is allowed.

Process matrix

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